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WIFI Booster

  • Developer : aakash
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WIFI Booster
WIFI Booster
WIFI Booster

Boost your signal strength using WIFI booster to get better WIFI signals for high speed internet.
We are introducing WIFI booster to boost to get best signal from the WIFI Device.
For Better internet speed we are getting Strong Signal from the device.

Feature :
* WIFI Booster will improve you internet Speed for best Speed.
* WIFI Booster increase WIFI Signal strength for better internet speed.
* It Will improve Signal stability with our WIFI Booster App.
Have you ever been in a no signal area or weak signal area with no signal coverage? Well, if only you had this free network signal booster app, your cellular signal would have been optimized and call quality improved, like if you used a signal repeater.

This signal amplifier will not show you some meaningless graphics, the interface is simple and has one purpose: boost your phone reception, regardless of what type of network signal you use - GSM, LTE, 3G, 4G.

Note: We are just refreshing your mobile wifi signal to get more speed. Generally restarting signal help more to get more accuracy. So we can consider it is a simulator.

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07 Jun 2017