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Taiga Mobile Security

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Taiga Mobile Security
Taiga Mobile Security
Taiga Mobile Security

Taiga Mobile Security maintains several security levels and has very simple settings.

Use Taiga Mobile Security for
- detection of fake applications and spyware
- determine reliable permission requests
- blocking the numbers of unwanted subscribers (Antispam feature)
- location of the lost device and remote deletion of data from it (Antitheft feature)
- backuping your personal data

Taiga Mobile Security is the first Russian system to guarantee protection against spyware and fake applications, data loss, spam, and if your mobile is stolen – this application will find it.

Taiga Mobile Security will detect fake applications of client bank, social network or another popular service installed on your device. Our application immediately warns you about danger and blocks the scumware.

The knowledge base of Taiga Mobile Security is refilled with thousands of new and updated applications every day. All of them are examined for the need to request permits and accesses and presence of the valid signature.

Free Taiga Mobile Security protects against external threats and prevents installed applications from unauthorized transmission of your personal data without you being informed.

If your device is stolen, you can find it by coordinates, send a free message with contact information or reward offer, delete personal data from it. A device camera will take a thief's photo for further identification by law-enforcement authorities.

After installation of Taiga Mobile Security on your child's device, you will always know his/her location. Taiga Mobile Security gives an opportunity to get connected to your children all day long!

Your device contains lots of personalized information (list of contacts, call log, day planner, browser bookmarks, wi-fi passwords, music, photos, documents, etc.). If your device is lost your data will be lost as well, and if you change your device there will be a problem transferring your data to a new device. Taiga Mobile Security will help you save your data and easily restore it to any of your devices.

Taiga Mobile Security protects you against spam, adverts and intrusive calls.

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26 Jun 2017