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Angry Dave : in space

  • Developer : ibiraja
  • Categories : Arcade
  • Rate : 3

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Angry Dave : in space
Angry Dave : in space
Angry Dave : in space

Angry Dave is a time based game. Where a player has to hit the enemies and collect points in a limited period of time. The game character Dave shoots the enemies and collects the points to move through to the next stage. Each hit adds points to his total score, the star collection gives him extra points. But to get all these points he has to avoid the enemies and obstructions. If one mission is successful he enters into a new planet for next mission. He has special gun always loaded with unlimited ammo.
To move around the Dave just touch any area on screen and Dave will start moving there.
This game is a great fun and full of challenges.

Game Rules:
-Collect at least 5 coins
-Kill at least 50% of the enemies
-Don't get killed during 20 sec count down

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22 Jul 2017