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Fast Charger - Speed Charging

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Fast Charger - Speed Charging
Fast Charger - Speed Charging
Fast Charger - Speed Charging

Fast Charger - Speed Charging is the complete tool for increasing charging speed your device. It helps your phone to charge faster than normal by saving battery and killing battery consuming background services to increase charging speed of your phone. Your phone will charge faster than normal by using Fast Charger - Speed Charging.

How Fast Charger - Speed Charging works?
When you connect your phone to a power source, Fast Charger will automatically detect it and open up. , The app will kill heavy background processes, clear the RAM, turn off your Bluetooth and WiFi connections to minimize the power consumption. As a result, your phone will charge faster than normal and charging speed will increase.

Key Features of Fast Charger - Speed Charging

• Estimations for Remaining Battery Time
Fast Charger uses an efficient and optimized algorithm to let you know the estimated remaining battery time of your smartphone. It observes the usage to provide you the most accurate results, so that you can have a better idea about how long the battery of your phone will last with charged capacity. It also tells how much time is left until battery is fully charged when you connect your device to a power source.

• Fast Charging Status
Fast Charger - Speed Charging stores data about your battery like how many times you connected your phone to a charger and how many times the battery overcharges. Moreover, it shares information with you about how many times power consumption is optimized.

• Auto Optimization
The automatic optimization feature of Fast Charger is designed to make your phone charge quicker than normal by killing background processes and turning of your Bluetooth and WiFi.

Monitors your Battery
Fast Charger - Speed Charging does not only fast charge your phone to charge quickly but also a complete Battery Doctor of your phone. It gives you the precise information about battery status, temperature, voltage, health, capacity and technology.

• It Kills Background Processes
This feature of the App clears your RAM on just a single Tap by closing all the unnecessary apps that drains most of the battery. It'll not only enhance your battery life but also allows the battery to charge quickly. .

• Auto Start
Fast Charger automatically starts when your device is connected with the charger. It automatically displays your battery information whenever you connect your charger.

• Know your Smartphone
Fast Charger also provide the details about your phone's Model, Screen Size, RAM, Internal Storage, Screen Resolution and Code Name and OS info. In short, all the key information of your device is just one touch away! Tap and get all you want!

• Quick Toggles
Fast Charger - Speed Charging comes with a quick settings toggle which helps you to turn off the battery-draining services when you are not using them. You can turn off WiFi , Bluetooth, Auto Sync and Rotation using this quick settings toggle.

Fast Charger - Speed Charging is 100% FREE and the most intelligent doctor for your battery, use this app to monitor your phone's battery and charge it faster than normal charge. It also shares the most important information of your device like RAM size, Internal Storage, Screen Resolution, Smartphone Model etc.

This App is suitable and compatible for many phones e.g. Galaxy S5, S6, S7, LG G4, G5, V10, and many other phones.

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29 Jul 2017