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Net Master - Network Boost

  • Developer : Appvasdev
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Net Master - Network Boost
Net Master - Network Boost
Net Master - Network Boost

Do you believe? 10,000+ users downloaded Net Master latest version on for free every week! It works great even on 2G. This hot app was released on 2017-02-08. It get a lot of recognition after release.
Net Master is a one-stop tool for network management, we offer kinds of feature to optimize your network. You can speed up phone by stopping background apps, test network speed and security, monitor your mobile data usage and get free WiFi around you!
Network Boost
Detect apps which are using network in the background secretly, by stopping all of them with one click, we can optimize the network speed, ensure authorized apps to use network
Speed Test
Show the real-time network speed of mobile phone, know your speed status anytime. Test the maximum speed that your network can reach.
Security Detect
Detect if the WiFi you connecting is safe, help to discover the Phishing WiFi, protect your personal privacy and property security
Data Monitor
Monitor mobile data and WiFi usage, prevent you from exceeding the data plan and save your money. Mobile data daily report is sent every day to you.
WiFi Spy Detect
Scan all devices connecting your WiFi hotpot, show the device brand and MAC, find out who are consuming your WiFi and slow down the network speed
Free WiFi:
Offer you millions of free WiFi shared by global users. You can connect Internet for free and stay online all the day! But Net Master is not a hacking tool. It doesn’t unlock passwords of WiFi hotspots that are not shared by the users. Hacking is illegal.
It’s the best network master and WiFi master for you, Come and try!
Can't connect to a free Wi-Fi? This top Tools app is just 3.9M. As an old saying goes, the sparrow may be small but all its vital organs are there. also provides other hot Tools apps(games) for android mobile phone. It is high time that we should click the download button.

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24 Aug 2017